The 11th Annual NAFB Awards Gala
We shall soon be accepting media, corporate & small business sponsorship & partnership enquiries. Contact us to be part of this glamorous event
The NAFB Awards work with reputable sponsors to strategically develop a program that will mutually benefit both organizations. We usuallapply our marketing avenues to showcase products & services to a targeted audience of arts, fashion & beauty
Sponsorships are extremely effective ways to maximize your compnay's exposure with attendees. There are four levels of sponsorship and we are willing to customize all to fit yourneeds and goals.

Your sponsorship will go a long way to enable us sustain and even expand this glamorous event. Therefore, we encourage individuals, corporate bodies, socio-cultural organizations and government at all levels (local, state & federal) to support this laudable project.

The idea will not only help develop and promote our rich cultural heritage, it will equally stimulate economic growth through local and international trade

2017 NAFB Awards Sponsors

Exclusive Benefits

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  1. There will be NO competing business for GOLD sponsorship
  2. All Billings as 'The 11th annual NAFB Awards are brought to you by "YOUR COMPANY"
  3. Direct link to your company from our official website
  4. Vendor's table will be provided at a conspicuous corner
  5. Prominent VIP seating
  6. Company's name and logo on promotional items
  7. Retractable banner on stage as official event sponsor
  8. Company's representative to present award
  9. Listing on our website as Official event sponsor
  10. Opportunity to provide marketing materials & giveaways for awards recipients
  11. A chance to address the audience
  12. Company's full page advert on OBC, IBC, IFC of the official event brochure
  13. Continous on stage acknowledgement from Emcee
  14. 30' - 60' advertisement airing during award show
  15. Special invitation for guests