The Nigerian arts, fashion & beauty office has set a goal to annually celebrate the best of Nigeria's unique arts, vast fashion designs and beauty accomplishments amidst celebrities, fashion parade, cultural display, networking, traditional marketing, raffle drawings & awards presentations.​​​
Our mission is to be a leader in globally recognizing Nigerians and friends of Nigeria who are greatly contributing to the development and promotion of Nigeria's rich arts and ethnic fashion values.



To develop, promote and showcase various indigenous textiles, fashion accessories and beauty products as a branch of Nigeria's rich arts and culture
To recognize the conspicuous positive impacts of individuals and organizations to the development and promotion of arts and fashionasideal ways of life, and thus honor them accordingly.
To create an active platform for the discovery and promotion of young talents in the arts, fashion entertainment and beauty industries.
To launch the establishment of high quality and genuine Nigerian brands like Aso-Oke, Luru, Aso-ofi, Etu, Sanya, Wax Prints (Ankara), Tye  Dye ((Kampala and Adire) to compare favorably in international market.
To achieve all these and continue to make the program the most glamorous annual Nigerian event in the Diaspora, we are ready to work in conjuction with individuals, organizations and corporate bodies that have close link to Nigerian arts, fashion and beauty sectors
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Call +1 832-894-5698 or +1 323-246-7369 to get information about participation, sponsorship considearion, vendor's table booking, advertisement on our website and official event brochure 

Prestigious NAFB Awards

Founding Fathers Incorporated

Coveted NAFB Awards are shared amongst stakeholders in the dynamic arts, fashion & beauty industry; such as musician, style analysts, comedians, hairdressers/stylists, fashion designers, arts gallery owners, Make-Up Artists, Radio/TV Presenters, accessory designers, (Shoes & bags), models, artists, modeling agents, etc.
Founding Fathers Incorporated (FFI) is a fashion entertainment and artist management company based in the city of Houston, Texas.. We offer a wide array of services such as event packaging & marketing, MICE - meetings, incentives, conferences & exhibitions, dinner & dance, musical group and venue sourcing, music publishing, records productions, products launching, etc.
We also aim for the highest standard in artist management, and have on our stable pool of of talents ranging from theatre, television, movie actors, dancers and commercial models.
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We are the proud organizers of the annual:
​Miss Fashion Nigeria Beauty Pageant
Single & Couple Ballroom Awards
Nigerian Arts, Fashion & Beauty (NAFB) Awards